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recon impact ram
Recon in his working clothes.

Impact 108 ET
Arms Race x Impact 1057=Young Jock x Money Maker

Recon is the 2nd Arms Race son we have added to our program (General being our first).
It is apparent that every “Arms Race” needs effective reconnaissanace thus the name—Recon.

We purchased Recon from Impact’s sale #2 last spring in partnership with Impact Hamps.
Not only were we attacted to Recon as an individual but also to the proven genetic strength of his mother in the Impact donor program.
Recon’s mother, donor ewe Impact 1057, produced the Grand Champion lamb at the 2013 Wisconsin State Fair plus numerous flock additions
for the Impact flock.

The Reserve Grand Champion Market lamb at the 2015 Iowa State Fair was a maternal brother to Recon.  A Recon sired wether
also won his class at the 2015 Eastern New Mexico Jackpot. A Recon wether also won his class at the 2016 Arizona National. Congratulations
to the Timm Family of TX for exhibiting their Recon sired wether to Grand Champion honors at the 2017 Lazbuddie, TX Youth Show and Grand Champion honors at the Back to School Bash, Shamrock, TX. This lamb also placed 5th in his 158# class at San Antonio and was a crowd favorite.

The 2017 Recon sired lambs are a powerful set.  We plan to offer a couple of ram lambs for sale sired by Recon.  The Recon wether offering will
be right on target to the demands of the show ring today.  Many of the Recon wethers will be out of ewes and ewe lambs sired by our outstanding stud ram battery of Impact sires such as General, IMAX, Catalyst, Holy Grail, T-Square, Honey Du, Ozzie, Pay Day, and 920.

Knop 7697
A typical Recon sired lamb. Knop 7697
Recon x Catalyst.
Two Time Texas Grand Champion
Sold in Knop Sale #2 last year.


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Knop 7472
General (Arms Race/Young Jock) x T-Square (Miller[Untouchable]/Cabaniss(linebred 801)

Spike is all the sire we expected him to develop into as a yearling and beyond!  His photo pretty much says it all in that Spike is the kind of sheep that does not need to be fluffed, puffed and propped to look exceptional.  Take a look at the quantity of bone that Spike stands on.  Spike is absolutely structurally sound and moves like a big cat.  His rib shape is impeccable and his muscle mass is deep!  Spike is definitely worth the trip to view in person! Spike has absolutely earned his way to be turned with a larger group of ewes this fall.

We utilized the services of Spike on a wide array of ewe genetics for 2017 with results that have caught the attention of all our farm visitors. Of particular note would be the lambs resulting from Spike (General [Arms Race/Young Jock]) x IMAX/General [Arms Race/Young Jock]. The line bred lambs from this mating are truly stellar and futuristic in their kind!



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Imax Imax Imax

Big Picture
TA (God Father x Best Buy) x Linebred Miller Hampshire

We are excited to offer a great set of lambs sired by IMAX for 2017.
IMAX saw service on General, Catalyst, Holy Grail, T-Square, Honey Du and Recon daughters.
It doesn’t’ really matter which ewe base we combine with IMAX, it just plain works!

We are convinced that IMAX will continue the TA legacy of siring champion wethers, prepotent stud rams and foundation females.
IMAX’s mother produced the Reserve Hampshire and 3rd overall lamb at the 2011 OYE plus replacement
ewe lambs for DeSpain

IMAX is truly following in the footsteps of his sire--TA—in that
he is correct in his mature size, huge in his hip design, fully blown in his pin width and deep in his muscle.

Raised by DeSpain Club Lambs
Owned with: RSO, Crossthree, and Miller Club Lambs.

Imax Winner
Reserve Hampshire and 3rd Overall
2011 OYE


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holy grail

Pork Chop (Young Jock x Tuff Duff) x Tuff Duff (Wooly Mammoth x Leo)

We thank Fairwether Club Lambs to have had the opportunity to use the services of Holy Grail, their keeper Pork Chop son, in our flock.  As you can see, Holy Grail is a linebred Duffy (Leo) and Wooly Mammoth bred ram.  As an individual he is monstrous in his hip design and pin width!  He is loaded with muscle, massive in his bone work, and sires tons of shag. Holy Grail saw service in our flock across all of our genetic lines and, WOW, has he sired a set of lambs that based on their maternal ancestry are even more intensely linebred Duffy (Leo) and are right in their kind! 

The following rams are those who have sired most of the ewes in our ewe flock
that lambed in 2016 plus daughters of IMAX.
Impact 107
Arms Race x Impact 999

General saw significant service in our flock for 2015. His photo and video tell his story.
His ewe lamb daughters retained in our flock are easy to like. The General daughters all saw service to IMAX.

General’s full brother was named Grand Champion at the 2014 Wisconsin State Fair.
Another full brother was named Reserve Grand Champion at the 2014 New Mexico State Fair.

Another full brother to General was named Reserve Grand Champion at the 2015 National Western Stock  Show.
Most recently, the Grand Champion Market lamb at the 2015 NAILE was sired by a full brother to General.
Impact 99
Impact 999 - General's Mother
All great stud rams need to have a truly great stud ewe for their mother.
It is our opinion that Impact 999, the mother of General, meets and exceeds these parameters.
We hope you will appreciate this very natural presentation of Impact 999.
Impact 999 is truly one of the maternal genetic giants in the Impact flock.


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True Shot True Shot

True Shot
Versus (Nos-Marcantel)/Shotgun x Linebred Shotgun

We thank Todd Wise for the opportunity to purchase True Shot (Wise 352). He is sired by Versus. Versus is the Stitzlein ram used so successfully by Todd Wise. Versus was sired by another Stitzlein ram (Nos). Nos was in turn sired by Marcantel 33. 33 was the sire of the Marcantel ram, True Blood, used by Wheaton’s. Nos’s mother was a Shotgun daughter. The maternal side of Versus traces to Cabaniss 185 (Popgun’s twin sister). The mother of True Shot is a key Shot Gun daughter in the Wise flock. Her maternal side traces to another Cabaniss ram (Email) and the Johnson ram known as Scooter.
Several True Shot daughters are bred to Recon and General.



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Impact 444 Impact 444

Impact 444
Money Maker x Miller Masterpiece donor daughter

We extend our appreciation to Impact Hamps for allowing us to use Impact 444 for a breeding cycle.
444 is a key Money Maker son retained by Impact to continue the Money Maker and Miller Masterpiece
lines that Impact has used so successfully. 444’s mother was a Masterpiece donor daughter purchased
by Impact from Miller Hampshires.

As you can see in his photos, 444 is massive boned and
big footed with an impeccable body shape and lots of wool.
We anticipate an exciting group of lambs sired by 444 in 2015.



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T Square

Knop 6767
Catalyst x Impact 859=Money Maker x half brother/half sister Cabaniss 172-96

A registered Hampshire ram.
We absolutely admire the way T-Square’s pedigree “ties in” layer upon layer of proven foundation Hampshire genetics.

2015 will mark the first opportunity for a significant group of show lambs out of T-Square daughters to be available sired by rams like General, IMAX and Impact 444.



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Catalyst Catalyst

Wheaton 0-126 ET
Untouchable x Wheaton 0-393 (Cabaniss x Miller NNQR)

Catalyst has more than earned a spot as one of the elite rams we have had the priviledge to own.
Catalyst does it all—he makes great show wethers, rams that breed on and daughters that just plain work!
And, interestingly, when we breed T-Square (our keeper Catalyst son) to Catalyst daughters to make half brother/half sister
matings—wow—they just get better!

  Catalyst Catalyst
  T-Square X Catalyst Ewe Lamb Wheaton 3-093
Catalysts' Mother


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Ozie Ozzie
Ozzie Ozzie

Impact 083
Young Jock (Duffy 60 [linebred Leo]) x Livewire (Marcantel 21=Marcantel 43 x Marcantel 78)

Sold to Josh Unke, CA

We thank Impact Hamps for selling Ozzie to us at private treaty.
We now have 3 lamb crops sired by Ozzie and many daughters in production.
They are the type of ewes that one can “take to the bank”.

There will be an exciting group of lambs in 2015 out of Ozzie daughters sired by IMAX, General, and Impact 444.

Ozzie Ozzie
Typical Ozzie lamb at 54 days of age


Blue Line


Honey Du Honey Du

Honey Du
Impact 12-93
Honey Badger (Eccentric x Protocol) x Young Jock (Duffy 60=LJ/double-bred Leo) x Money Maker x Packen’ Heat/21

HoneyDu was our pick of the February ram lambs from the Impact Hampshire flock. We could not be more excited about a young ram lamb in terms of both his genetic package and his phenotypic design. HoneyDu is about as perfectly balanced as one will have the pleasure to view. He combines skeletal correctness, roundness of rib design, measures long and three dimensional in all the right places, and exhibits lots of muscle! Also check the “shag” and bone he brings to the table.



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